enragedfan (enragedfan) wrote in enragdcommunity,

I probably have this wrong, but...

From my understanding of what I've pieced together off sports talk radio and ESPN chunks today, LaBron James is going to fire his agent and hire a new one who will be a FORMER HIGHSCHOOL BUDDY OF HIS. There were other questionable LeBron moves in this story I'll omit for now, mainly because that one stuck out. LeBron is firing his agent and hiring one of his homies from high school, which even if he was a freshman when they were a senior would make them at best 24, 25 if they're a moron. WHAT? I can't fathom why anyone would tell King James this was a good idea, but if somebody did, they should be shot. Repeatedly. LeBron is obviously the best young talent in the league right now, the closest thing to Jordan since him (note I didn't say he's the next Jordan), and now I'm getting a sick feeling in my stomach that he's going to make poor moves like this one forever and end up being a phenomenal talent that never reaches what its supposed to. LeBron has to move to a better team and hope that helps carry his career, because as good as he is, and he's excellent, right now he's making career moves that to a neutral observer like myself just seem strange.
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