nene13 (nene13) wrote in enragdcommunity,

The Legacy of Winslow

So, Kellen Winslow Jr., tight end for the Cleveland Browns, buys a bike with his 4.4 million dollar signing bonus money, tries to ride it, and learns just why most people don't ride them.
He messes up his shoulder and knee and has internal injuries.
Cleveland is not amused. And they shouldn't be.
Winslow mouthed off as TE at Miami. And he felt the backlash on that. He gets drafted by the Browns and then holds out. He signs the largest contract for a tight end (not even playing a down in the NFL before then). He punches out a teammate and justifies it with, "We should play with more intensity."
Well, if you cared so much about the team why are you riding around on motorcycles? I'm not saying you can't. But Cleveland is. Cleveland may want its signing bonus back. Contract stipulates not to engage in reckless or risky activities. As you learned, Mr. Winslow JR., riding a motorcycle is risky.
I hope you saved enough money from the 1 1/2 games you played for the Browns last season. Oh yes. Right. Riding a motorcycle, knowing they are not safe, risking injury with a body which suffered a broken leg during a game.
You're not your father, JR. He was awesome. He was responsible. He had skills. Just about everyone loves him.
But only he may be the only who loves you now.
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